Glove Guide


To get the best out of your gloves and ensure they perform every time you put them on just follow our glove care guide below.

New Glove Pre-Wash

Your new gloves will need washing before you use them.  Fill a basin/bucket with lukewarm water.  You do not need to use any detergent or soap.  Soak the gloves for a couple of minutes then start to wash them by gently rubbing the latex with your thumbs.  You will notice the water will go cloudy.  Squeeze the gloves out and empty the basin/bucket.  Repeat these steps until the water is clear.

Please note gloves with Contact latex do not need a pre-wash when new.


To dry your gloves squeeze out any excess water and allow to dry naturally.  Do not dry on radiators, tumble dry or dry in direct sunlight as it will damage the latex.

General Care

Always wash your gloves as soon as possible after use.  Don’t let any mud or dirt dry into the gloves by leaving them a few days.  A lot of our pros will wash their gloves in the shower after the game providing the water isn’t too hot!

Pre-Match / Training

Latex always performs better when damp.  Make sure you dampen your gloves before use.  We would recommend giving your gloves an extra wash the night before a game and then drying them by wrapping them in a towel and applying pressure to remove excess water.  This should make them the perfect amount of damp for the following match day!

By following this guide, you will improve the durability and performance of your gloves making them last as long as possible with the maximum possible grip.




Roll finger goalkeeper gloves are one of the most popular and traditional cuts currently available.  They are named ‘roll finger’ due to the fact the backhand is connected to the palm and does not use gussets.  The result is the latex rolled/curved around the fingers which provides great latex contact with the ball, but is not as snug or tight as a feel in comparison to negative cut gloves, or hybrids that use negative.  While is does provide a comfortable feel, some may view it as a slightly larger or ‘bulkier’ cut vs negative type gloves.


Negative cut goalkeeper gloves (and hybrids that utilise this style) have become increasingly popular over the past years, particularly across Europe.  They are similar to the flat cut in that they use a single piece of latex attached to the backhand via gussets, the key difference is that the stitching/gussets are inside the glove.  This provides a much tighter and snug fit with control on the ball that is more ‘true’ to your hand.  Due to this, gloves utilising this type of cut will wear slightly quicker than a roll finger for example.


The term ‘hybrid’ simply means a combination and does not actually refer to a specific cut.

Size Chart
Onesport Goalkeeper Glove Size ChartOnesport Goalkeeper Glove Size Chart